week 4 30 Day Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge – Week 4

  The light is at the end of the tunnel - we're almost there! If  you’re new here, take a look at last week’s post and the initial launch post and please feel free to jump in at any time and join us. If you've stuck with the 30 Day … [Read More...]

Fitness Fail

Fitness Fail

F is also for many other useful words ... Fitness Fail Yes, I am failing at my own 30-Day Fitness Challenge and I have been as miserable as hell all week long.  I only have myself to … [Read More...]


Raising An Only Child

This Wasn't The Life I Asked For, But It's Mine. I was a super busy mum of four children and then I wasn't, it was that fast.Brutally fast. These days I am raising an only child in 2-bedroom … [Read More...]