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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Gonna Be OK

inspiration, quote

A reader let me know a few weeks ago that she would no longer be reading my blog because it was all about long distance running now and that it's just not as funny as used to be.

Hooray! this is my current direction for the blog except for the not so funny part. I always consider myself to be very funny.

Quite insulted.

OK, so she might be on to something here.

I politely thanked her for reading along thus far and wished her well. I also mentioned that sometimes the funny just isn't quite there anymore. I mean, I can only pick on HB so much before he starts crying and rocking slowly in a corner.

But I know I have changed ...

I miss my older three teenagers terribly, half of my heart is missing and it hurts. It hurts so much that some days I can barely breathe, and when the lights go out at night the tears silently fall and I realise I am broken.

I am broken beyond repair.

I'm not sure who came out with the quote 'time heals', but it's bullshit.

Time hasn't healed a thing, but ugly red scars do fade to white so there is hope for me yet.

I was a bit of a hot mess when I arrived in Darwin last October. My family GP of 17 years had me on an array of anti anxiety, anti-depressants and when I got here, I just stopped taking them. As far as I was concerned their side effects far outweighed their benefits.

No magic pill is going to replace what I have lost.

I started running again and the natural increases in serotonin were just what my head needed to help my heart want to wake up the next day and keep pumping.

A fortnight ago I was brave enough to go and see a psychologist here in Darwin because my new GP thought it would be a grand idea to help with my insomnia.

Is it a good sign if the psych is crying along with you at the end of the session?

I googled her credentials and she has 20+ years of experience and I swore I would never go back. It's not her fault as she was just being human. But I have never walked out of a health professional's office feeling so hopeless or helpless in my life, until now.

It has taken two weeks to recover from that soul destroying experience. Recovery for me is found in focusing on the positives, being grateful for a wonderful husband and a beautiful three year old to care for every day. I go for a run along this beautiful coastline and take in her beauty and I practice self-care regularly.

I try not to focus on the things I am missing out on and I know it won't always be this way.

For now, it is what it is.

Running is my therapy of choice.

And these are a few of the reasons why the direction of the blog has changed and an explanation on why the funny isn't always around.

I sat down to write an update on my marathon training and this came out instead. Writing is also good therapy.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Let's Have Another Baby

FFS Friday 

So what has been giving me shits this week?

FFS started last Friday on cue ... FFS

Our apartment fire alarm went off at 1.30am ... FFS

We all woke up grabbed our kids and evacuated to the curbside ... FFS

30 families sat outside in their morning glory for an hour ... FFS

False alarm ... FFS

The next morning I had to run 37kms ... FFS

I set off just after 6am and discovered road blocks being put in place for a triathlon I didn't know anything about ... FFS

It changed my route up a little, but that was fine ... No FFS


At the 32km point I was feeling good, I put on some music and started to sing along ... No FFS

And I got to run down the middle of one of the road's that were closed off to the public ... No FFS

There was not a soul about except for the occasional cyclist straggling along ... No FFS

For some reason though a few of them thought I was a part of the race and still on the running leg that I guess most finished hours ago ... FFS

So they cheered me on and told me not to give up ... FFS

I smiled and waved for the first 10 or so times ... No FFS

Then I cracked it and started yelling back to them ... FFS

I'm not in your fucking race.

A few more kms later and I made it safely home. Zen slightly dishevelled. ... No FFS

37kms DONE.

Physically I was fine, but for the next few days I was so freakin exhausted ... FFS

That was until Tuesday morning when I woke to a throbbing pain in my foot ... FFS

So for the past 48 hours it feels like I am continually walking on top of lego pieces ... FFS

I have self diagnosed myself and resting and RICE ing and I know it will pass ... No FFS

If only I could do this 24/7

Because on Sunday I have 21kms of speed work to do ... FFS

Maggie keeps stealing my ice packs ... FFS

Must stick to the mofo training plan ... FFS

We took a night off on Sunday, booked our babysitter and listened to our favourite band down at our local watering hole ... No FFS

HB never drinks, but when he does he relaxes and it's kind of nice ... No FFS

That is until he is tipsy enough to tell me wishes I was pregnant again ... FFS

And I am sober enough to want to walk into the nearest ER and demand a hysterectomy ... FFS

Thankfully, he comes to his senses and realises that we are done ... No FFS

Thank Jeebus

But I would love a cute little kitten or two.

Cheaper than mofo therapy.

For more laughs at our expense check out last week's FFS Friday.

Please feel free to leave all your FFS Friday worthy rants in the comment section below.

What is FFS Friday

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chocolate Salted Caramels

healthy, raw, salted caramel, recipe, thermomix, chocolate

I was hoping to have lots of scrumptious pictures of these beauties but sadly they were attacked before I could get the Canon out.

healthy, raw, salted caramel, recipe, thermomix, chocolate
Best Chocolate Lollipop EVER according to Maggie

Let's just say their numbers were greatly diminished beyond a proper photo session thanks to a man child and three year old working together as a team.

healthy, raw, salted caramel, recipe, thermomix, chocolate

After every long run my desire to eat my body weight in salt and sugar kicks in. I know there are many healthier ways to replace my depleted electrolytes but these sure did hit the spot this week.

(makes approx 48)


  • 200 gms fresh medjool pitted dates
  • 180 gms cashews (use unsalted and soaked in water for a couple of hours, then drain)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp fine seat salt
  • 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup organic coconut cream
  • Straight pretzel sticks for later (I use Woolworths Select). 


  1. Place all ingredients except water into TM bowl and mix for 1 min on Speed 8.
  2. Scrape sides, and mix for a further minute on speed 8. 
  3. Place in a covered dish in freezer after you've tried it several times just to see if you like it. 
  4. Chill for at least an hour. You want the mixture to be hard but still be able to spoon it out.
  5. When it is ready roll into small balls and place on a lined tray. Pop back into fridge or freezer.

Chocolate Topping


  • 100gms good quality dark chocolate roughly chopped.
  • 1 tablespoon of melted organic coconut oil


  1. Blitz chocolate for 3 secs on Sp 8.
  2. Add melted coconut oil.
  3. Mix for 2 mins, 50C on Sp2.
  4. Remove salted caramel balls from fridge and place a pretzel stick into the centre of each ball.
  5. Pour melted chocolate into a small glass or container and dip each ball into the chocolate.
  6. Place onto the tray to set.
  7. Sprinkle on some extra sea salt if desired before the chocolate sets.
  8. Keep chilled in the fridge.


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome To My Wotifia

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nuffnang and Wotif.

What is my Wonderful Wotifia?

I don't even have to think about this because I've been planning it for quite some time now. It sits in the back of my head just waiting for the opportunity to make it a reality. Unfortunately, the only way that's going to happen is if we win lotto.

One Powerball ...

There's a slight catch here because we never buy lotto tickets. But it's nice to dream and escape reality every now and then when you can catch a rare moment of peace and quiet.

So here it is, my dream holiday, my Wotifia, where no limitations and endless possibilities exist.


Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun
I can't even imagine it!

We would fly to New York to celebrate our first white Christmas. I will happily get lost for a few hours shopping along Fifth Avenue and we would stay at the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. We would be in the midst of foodie heaven with New York's famous food vendors and all of these calories would be happily burnt off running around Central Park.

Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun
Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve in New York, bum the kid off to a babysitter and spend it in Times Square. Ringing in the New Year by watching the infamous ball drop has always been high on my bucket list.

Next stop: Florida.

Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun, Miami Beach
There are no crocodiles at Miami Beach!

I'd like to pretend I was a Real Housewife of Miami for a few days just to see how the other half really does live. Glamour and glitz, I can do that.

Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun, Orlando, Running
Oh My Stars!

Of course, we would have to make a trip to Orlando to visit Disney World since Maggie already believes she is a Disney Princess. I would love to see her eyes light up and shine when she gets to meet her favourites: Belle, Cinderella, Arial and the Frozen newbie Elsa.

But there is one more reason why I would like to be at Disney World in January ...

The Dopey Challenge.

What is the Dopey Challenge?

Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun, Orlando, Running
6 medals!!

It is four days of running around Disney World. Seriously how much fun would that be?!

The thought of bringing home all that Disney medal bling makes my heart flutter. Even HB admits he would love to do this challenge also.

But after all that running it would be time for some serious R&R, right?

Wotif, Wotifia, sponsored post, travel, new york, Florida, Disney World, Dopey Challenge, Mexico, Cancun
Our last two weeks would be spent in Cancun, Mexico.

I'm thinking endless massages, sun, guacamole and tequila would be on the list. I'm quite sure I could manage relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset with a cocktail in each hand.

We are fortunate enough to travel regularly but a trip like this is a once in a lifetime experience. I was discussing it with HB today and we both got lost in the dream and it was lovely. Unfortunately, he quickly brought me back to reality by saying 'You do know this is just a dream. It's not actually happening Sarah'.

Spoil Sport.

Crusher of Dreams.

We have used for many years now, even for our recent trip to Kakadu which just shows how diverse they are. Wotif can assist you in planning your holiday by giving you access to the best deals. When you use Wotif there are hundreds of thousands of flights and rooms available in 118 countries to choose from.

I am a sucker for Wotif hotel mystery deals. I think it appeals to my addictive personality and I love opening up the email at the end to find out which hotel we scored for a great price. My favourite has been the Sofitel in Melbourne. We booked another mystery hotel for our upcoming weekend in Sydney in September when we fly down to run the marathon. I've read some of the reviews on Wotif and it sounds divine, I can't wait!

What would your Wotifia look like?

Enter to Win A 50k Golden Passport from and maybe your Wotifia will come true!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Touch Wood

FFS Friday

So what has been giving me the shits this week?

I knew this August would be the longest and most tiring month of the year ... FFS

But I grossly underestimated it ... FFS

The Sydney marathon is next month so it feels like all I do is eat, run, sleep and repeat ... FFS

Except there's so much other stuff to do in between ... FFS

And I can't seem to sleep a whole lot either ... FFS

But I am managing the eating part very well ... FFS


I've become one of those wanker runners who is obsessed with shoes and their shoe rotation ... FFS

HB is worse than me and thanks to some new shoes he is now injured ... FFS

I can't believe I have made it this far into my marathon training and I've stuck to my training plan ... No FFS

Touch all the wooden things.

I was quite sure I would be injured again by now ... FFS

Now I've put that negativity out there into the universe, it will bloody happen ... FFS

I've become superstitious and more OCD than usual ... FFS

No stepping on cracks allowed and I must reach the couch before the microwave beeps ... FFS

I'm so scared when I run not to push myself too hard because speed work always screams injury for me ... FFS

So I am mostly running slower than a turtle on crack ... FFS

But yesterday I ran like no-one was watching and ran a 4.36km without realising ... No FFS

This is not at all fast for most, but it is quite awesome for me ... No FFS

A turtle with no crack.

I ran so fast I burnt my left nostril and it screamed at me for the rest of the day ... FFS


It also streamed litres of snot non stop ... FFS

I tried an anti-histamine tablet to no avail and I had to walk around with a half a tissue stuck up my nostril for the rest of the day... FFS

Every hour or so it felt like a tiny arsonist was crawling up there and splashing petrol on the flames ... FFS

I went to Woolies to buy some Vaseline to shove up there thinking that would dull the burn factor ... FFS

Forgot I had half a tissue wedged up there ... FFS

Wondered why people looked at me strangely and a store worker hurried me through to the front of the express lane ... FFS

Finally, I caught sight of my reflection in the store window and I was so embarrassed I walked straight into BWS and bought a bottle of wine to have with dinner ... FFS

Pain has now gone ... No FFS

Cheaper than mofo therapy.

For more laughs at our expense check out last week's FFS Friday.

Please feel free to leave all your FFS Friday worthy rants in the comment section below.

What is FFS Friday

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chocolate Weetbix Slice


Chocolate, weetbix, slice, recipe, thermomix, snack, lunchbox ideas, treat

I have no idea why, but we have 3 giant boxes of weetbix in the pantry. Weetbix was once Maggie's staple breakfast of choice for almost 3 years until she discovered some not so good sugary alternatives.

Chocolate, weetbix, slice, recipe, thermomix, snack, lunchbox ideas, treat

I'm still not quite sure how we managed to acquire so much of it and since no-one eats it for breakfast now, I am on a mission to use it all up.

Chocolate, weetbix, slice, recipe, thermomix, snack, lunchbox ideas, treat

This is a somewhat healthier version of an old favourite. Perfect for lunch boxes or an afternoon snack. We also love it without the chocolate topping.

This recipe is intended for a thermomix but could also easily be made in a food processor.


  • 4 weetbix
  • 30gms organic coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder (10gms)
  • 150gms gluten free self raising flour
  • 40gms shredded coconut
  • 100gms organic coconut sugar


  1. Pre-heat oven to 170C and line a slice baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Add melted coconut oil and weetbix to TM bowl and blitz for 5 secs on Sp 6.
  3. Add rest of ingredients and mix for 20 secs on Sp 5.
  4. Scrape down bowl and mix for a further 5 secs if necessary.
  5. Press mixture into the lined baking tray and bake for 15 mins.
  6. Allow to cool.
  7. Top with melted chocolate (see below) if desired and allow to set. 

Chocolate Topping


  • 100gms good quality dark chocolate roughly chopped.
  • 1 tablespoon of melted organic coconut oil


  1. Blitz chocolate for 3 secs on Sp 8.
  2. Add melted coconut oil.
  3. Mix for 2 mins, 50C on Sp2.
Since we live in Darwin I keep this slice in an airtight container in the fridge but in a cooler climate it should be fine.


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Pitch Black

FFS Friday

RAAF Darwin Pitch Black Flight Schedule

So what has been giving me the shits this week?

We survived our trip to Kakadu without being eaten by a croc ... FFS

There were plenty of crocs to be seen too ... No FFS

HB liked to tempt his fate by getting as close as he could to the action ... FFS

After spending too much time panicking and stressing I simply told him 'Whatever, just make sure your will is in order' ... FFS

I am young enough to start over again ... No FFS

We all returned home with post holiday blues ... FFS

The next morning when Maggie discovered her beloved Daddy was back at work all day long it was 'You're not my best friend anymore!' ... FFS

Darwin is home to the Pitch Black Air Force exercise ... FFS

Which basically means every few minutes jets flyover and the noise is absolutely deafening ... FFS

It continues on into the night and if you are out running you almost shit yourself when they unexpectedly fly over the top of you ... FFS

That fear would probably be a reality if my new meds weren't working ... FFS

I'm certain the pilots sit in their little cockpits laughing their boxes off ... FFS

Sadly for the single ladies in town there are no Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer types walking around town ... FFS

Well we can forget about freaky Tom ... No FFS

Anyway I'm sure Tom would be more interested in the dozens of UFO sightings that always seem to make the front page of the local rag ... FFS

Instead, there are just dozens of scruffy European backpackers roaming the streets ... FFS

With all this noise pollution I am thankful that Dry July is over so I can calm my nerves with a glass of wine once again ... FFS

How did I celebrate the end of Dry July?

I booked our first Club Med holiday for Christmas/New Year ... No FFS

It was the all inclusive booze package that sold me ... No FFS

I was so giddy with joy that I declined the fulltime daycare option ... No FFS

But there is also a handful of babysitters on hand just in case we wish to try our hands at some kayaking, paragliding or any other adventurous exercise sleep ... No FFS

You have to do something while your waiting for the all day open bar to open, right?

Cheaper than mofo therapy.

For more laughs at our expense check out last week's FFS Friday.

Please feel free to leave all your FFS Friday worthy rants in the comment section below.

What is FFS Friday

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A 32km Training run

I've been MIA since last Friday and I'm sure you all noticed I was quiet :) We have just spent a much welcomed few days away exploring Kakadu National Park. We have been wanting to visit Kakadu ever since we first arrived in Darwin last October and finally the timing was right for this past long weekend.

Did I mention that Darwin has 2 more public holidays than Perth? 

But I couldn't get excited about it nor did I pack a thing until the morning we left.


Because I had a 32km long run to get through the night before.

32kms, 20 miles, long run, marathon training, 12wbt, running, exercise, weight loss, first marathon

My longest run prior to this was 3 weeks ago on my 27km run. I have been feeling pretty darn good lately, my new meds have kicked in and my stomach is settling down which makes running so much easier and more enjoyable. I am only running 3 times per week for my marathon training and I was tempted by this new found energy to add in an extra run during the week, but when I checked in with my e-coach Jeff Galloway he confirmed what I already knew ... stick with the current plan because it's working!

Before I continue, for the record 32kms is a bloody long way.

I actually drove 32kms the morning of my run just to see how far it was and after 10kms I was bored out of my freakin' mind.

The heat and humidity have returned to Darwin this past week which has caused many to fear bitch and whine that the build up to the wet season had arrived early. On Saturday I took it easy during the day, stayed hydrated and ate small regular meals and I planned to head out at 4.30pm when HB returned home from work. The temperature usually peaks at 3pm and then slowly starts to drop back under 30C, but of course on Saturday it was about 31C when it was time to run.

I couldn't put it off any longer. I knew I would be running for approx 4 hours and the sun sets at 6.30pm and I don't like running in the dark due to safety concerns.

Funnily enough the only trouble I ran into was a taxi full of young white blokes fresh from the races and full of piss. I coughed up a huge phlegm ball at the right moment and they were soon on their merry way.

Before I continue on: I am not a racist and we have had zero troubles from the locals here in Darwin. However, there were two sexual assaults in Nightcliff a week ago and one of the incidents happened right out front of a block of flats I run past.

Safety first. Always. 

Moving on ...

32kms, 20 miles, long run, marathon training, 12wbt, running, exercise, weight loss, first marathon, darwin
I can't remember the last time it rained

I set off for my run and within a km the heat hit me like a ton of bricks and it was an effort to move my feet. Fantastic! only 31kms to go. The heat combined with carrying a 2L hydration backpack really does slow you down. I reduced my run walk ratio and kept going. I had planned out a new route which always helps to keep me motivated on a long run. Except I had not planned on running into the sun for the first two hours and I think I have developed a permanent squint and a few more cms to my ever expanding crows feet.

32kms, 20 miles, long run, marathon training, 12wbt, running, exercise, weight loss, first marathon, darwin, galloway, run walk run

I managed to get to the shade at the 20km point and the sun had just set so it was cooling down quite nicely. The breeze was delightful as I was absolutely soaked through and I appeared to be swimming in my own sweat pool. I had a huge energy boost here and the next 7kms around Rapid Creek and Nightcliff were simply awesome. I had no pain in my legs and literally felt like I was running on air.

I obviously wasn't when I looked at my lap times.

32kms, 20 miles, long run, marathon training, 12wbt, running, exercise, weight loss, first marathon, darwin, galloway, run walk run

I left Nightcliff behind me and I had another straight 7kms left to go and I was still going strong. At 30kms just 2kms from home was when my legs started to feel heavy and the last km was a little painful. I think this is just a mental wall though as my head knows I'm so close to home and my body says OK I've had enough now you can stop. 

32kms, 20 miles, long run, marathon training, 12wbt, running, exercise, weight loss, first marathon, darwin, galloway, run walk run, recovery

I stopped running at 32kms and walked the last 500m home. I rang HB and asked him to meet me at the apartment pool with a towel and some water. I hate cold water with a passion, but I know icing my legs for 20 mins afterwards helps to reduce the inflammation and aids the recovery process. So I just sat in there fully clothed trying to process the fact that I had just run 32kms.

I went upstairs showered and changed, pulled on my calf sleeves and ate some dinner. My legs were definitely aching, but I woke up the next day with zero DOMS or pain. I love doing my long runs in the evenings because I think you sleep the worst part of the pain away.

For once I was happy with my time and pace. JG suggests that my long runs should be done at 8min/kms and even slower in Darwin's heat so if I can keep that pace up in Sydney I will be thrilled. Although if my legs start aching like they did in that last km I have no idea how I will be able to run another 10.2kms.

Most marathon training programs stop at 20miles/32kms as the last long run before the marathon itself but JG likes you to the run the distance before the event. So I still have a 37km and a 42km long run to do before the Sydney marathon.

I still have no idea why I am doing this?

Pure insanity.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

FFS Friday

So what has been giving me the shits this week?

Maggie was invited to her first random kid from daycare birthday party last week ... No FFS

She often comes home talking about her BFFS but had never once mentioned this little girl's name so I was quite surprised ... No FFS

When I showed her the (Frozen) invitation she said 'Oh that's my best friend Alex' ... No FFS

I had a talk with her about what went down at birthday parties and there were tears for the rest of the week ... FFS

It was a bit much for a 3 year old to take in ... FFS

But it's my Frozen birthday party not Alex's ... FFS

But they're my presents, not Alex's ... FFS

I'm blowing out the candles, not Alex ... FFS

Alex is not my best friend anymore ... FFS

It's safe to say by the time the party rolled around I was terrified ... FFS

And of course she gave Alex her birthday present and wished her a Happy Birthday and went and played like an angel .. . FFS

When it was cake time she was the only kid singing Happy Birthday at the top of her lungs and wasn't even tempted to blow out the candles ... No FFS

Her other real BFF Lulu was also there and Maggie immediately took a shine to her Dad ... No FFS

I think she thought he looked a bit like her Uncle Pete and she ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever ... FFS

Of course he was quite taken back but went along with it ... No FFS

We had the Peppa Pig concert yesterday and Maggie had a blast ... No FFS

I on the other hand had to ignore the kid next to me kicking me in the shins the entire time ... FFS

I also ignored the kid screaming behind me in my ear that she wanted to go home ... FFS

During intermission Maggie went up and danced with the other kids near the stage ... No FFS

And then she spotted someone and came running up to me and excitedly said 'Mummy, my Nanny is here!' ... FFS

Before I could say anything she was off and hugging this poor lady like there was no tomorrow ... FFS

OK so I know my Mum is ready this and probably crying now ... FFS

Don't worry Mum, we will see you next month xx

I had to go and explain to her that it wasn't her Nanny ... FFS

I apologised to the lady who was there with her grandchildren, but she thought it was lovely ... No FFS

It's fair to say that this kid of ours is a bit of an extrovert ... No FFS

And she doesn't reserve her affections just for people that look like our extended family either ... FFS

When we were last at the markets I bought her a strawberry smoothie and she happily walked and slurped away ... No FFS

I turned around a few seconds later and she was gone ... FFS

When I spotted her a few metres away, I saw her walk up to a 7ft African man who was also happily slurping down a smoothie ... No FFS

She reached up on her tippy toes and shouted 'CHEERS' and tried to bump smoothie cups ... FFS

I held my breath because for a moment I had no idea what he was going to do, but his face broke into one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen ... No FFS

She is indeed our little ray of sunshine.

Cheaper than mofo therapy.

For more laughs at our expense check out last week's FFS Friday.

I would love to read about other peoples FFS Fridays. Primarily because it will make me feel better about myself. If you are a fellow blogger please grab the FFS button and add your link below and provide me with a weekend's worth of irreverent entertaining reading.

If you are not a blogger please feel free to leave all your FFS Friday worthy rants in the comment section below.

What is FFS Friday

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Top 3 Running Podcasts

I always listen to music when I run. HB used to be the same, but then he discovered he preferred the sound of his own footsteps.

So zen.

But unlike him I sound like an asthmatic elephant thundering through a jungle when I run.

I have spent hours creating playlists, forked out cash on new music and I literally would do anything to keep my mind off the fact that I would prefer to be doing something else, anything else but run.

But it got to the point that if I listened to Katy Perry's Roar one more time I would happily cut off my ears mobster style.

That was until I discovered the world of podcasts. What's even better is they're free.

I've listened to a variety of podcasts since but these are my favourites:

1. Jillian Michaels - Hello, new girl crush! I fell completely in love with Jillian after listening to her first podcast and have since pretty much downloaded all 100+ episodes. Stalker much? Jillian's podcast is not running specific, but I appreciate her views on fitness, nutrition, parenthood and life. I was blown away by her honesty and happily discovered that she is also a chronic over sharer. I thought she was just a bad ass Biggest Loser trainer, but she is so much more, she is the real deal and well worth listening to.

The banter between her and her producer Janice always has me in fits of laughter mid run and I can easily listen to 3-4 episodes on a long run without losing interest. The kilometres just fly by.

2. Another Mother Runner - This used to be my favourite podcast until I discovered Jillian, sorry Sarah and Dimity. This one however is clearly focused on running for all levels and stages. I love the guest appearances on the show from other runners and the Q and A episodes usually answer all my running questions that have been lurking in the back of my head. If you're a mother runner, then you will enjoy it!

3. The Extra Mile - I have listened to all the marathon episodes with Jeff Galloway (my e-coach) and it has put an end to most of my insecurities about his run walk run method. I have found listening to the success stories from other runners who use his training method inspirational and it gives me hope that I can get a similar result in September. There is also a half marathon series featuring Jeff Galloway which I will eventually download.

My marathon training is about to get serious over the next six weeks. So there's a ton of podcasts, hours and pavement pounding in my near future. I have a couple of new podcast interests in my folder and if they're any good I will share them with you.

I will welcome that two week taper with arms wide open.

Do you listen to music when you run? Do you have any podcasts recommendations?

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